About Us

"Shchastye" is a restaurant chain for those who understand food, take care of their health, travel and compare. We tried to collect the best dishes of different countries, therefore in our menu there are dishes of different concepts and national cuisines, where everyone will find something to taste.

Our restaurants are conveniently located in the heart of Odessa - "Schastye" Palais Royal, next to the world-famous Opera House and "Schastye" on Bunin Street, in close proximity to the Odessa Philharmonic. Odessa citizens and visitors can enjoy themselves with spiritual food, and afterwards taste no less masterpieces from our chefs while discovering a new Odessa.

Our history.

The history of the "Club label" began on August 8 1997 from the "Captain Morgan" bar at Richelieu street, 17. In September 2004, "Captain Morgan" moved to Zhukovsky Street, 30 and was renamed "Morgan-Club".

Today the "Club Tag" is a restaurant-bar "Morgan-Club" and two restaurants "Shchastye", which has been welcoming Odessa citizens and guests of the city for more than 20 years with excellent cuisine, incendiary themed parties and quality service.