Gyoza dumplings
₴ 99.00 грн.

Stewed in Teriyaki Sauce...

King prawn tails in a pan 9pcs
₴ 299.00 грн.

In a spicy sauce, with garlic and cilantro...

Octopus in the pan
₴ 329.00 грн.

Notice! Price for 100 roasted potato products

Shalyk Yakuza
₴ 139.00 грн.

We cook from juicy meat of chicken thighs and serve with sweet and sour sauce “Teriyaki” and a mix of white greens...

Tempura Shrimp 9 pieces
₴ 269.00 грн.


Wok Fried Rice
₴ 199.00 грн.

We cook from juicy meat of chicken thighs, tails of king prawns, Beijing cabbage, carrots, chili peppers, with oyster an...

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